Hair Loss Treatment
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The latest breakthrough in hair regrowth technology to manage hair loss at home with tested and clinically proven hair growth products for both men and women experiencing hair loss and thinning hair.
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Laser Cap
Laser Caps
Laser Caps
The laser cap technology is the doctors choice for hair regrowth treatments.
Laser Bands
Laser Bands
The revolutionary HairMax laser band treats hair loss in as little as 90 seconds.
Laser Helmets
Laser Helmets
Laser helmets provide an affordable alternative to hair loss treatment clinics.
iGrow Laser
Laser Devices
Hands free laser devices with proven results and that are FDA Approved.
Laser Combs
Laser Combs
The HairMax laser comb is an entry level point that is proven to regrow hair.
If you have recently started losing your hair and have started researching your options for hair regrowth... be careful, there is a lot of misleading information and expensive, yet poor performing products being sold in Australia, and around the world. Don't settle for poor quality results, high prices and pushy sales tactics used by the majority of hair loss treatment clinics.

For most people, a gorgeous, full head of hair is not a luxury item. That’s why we only offer clinically proven hair growth products at affordable prices. Welcome to Hair Regrowth Australia... a company that delivers on results and it's promises.

To regrow your hair, you will need to act quickly though. The sooner you take action against hair loss, the better the results that can be achieved.

Our range of hair growth products have been shown to help stop hair loss, regrow new hair and thicken existing hair whilst providing overall scalp and hair health. Hair Regrowth Australia provides the world's best selection of products for men and women experiencing hair loss.

Hair Growth Vitamins
Hair Growth Vitamins
A complete range of hair vitamins for both men and women with thinning hair.
Hair Loss Shampoo
Hair Loss Shampoo
Shampoo and conditioners that revitalise the scalp and nourish hair follicles.
Hair Loss Treatments
Scalp Treatments
Topical solutions that help revitalise hair follicles and thicken existing hair.
Hair Loss Styling Products
Hair Styling Products
Hair regrowth styling products with clinically proven ingredients.
Micro Needle Derma Roller
Derma Roller
The needles gently pierce the scalp allowing for new hair growth.

Laser Caps - Treating Hair Loss

The Capillus is the only FDA Cleared laser cap for treating hair loss and is the most exciting hair growth product in the world today! If you are experiencing thinning hair, the laser cap by Capillus is the No.1 most recommended product for hair regrowth by doctors and medical physicians worldwide. It's cost effective, easy to use, and can deliver real results for both men and women.

Replacing old technology with revolutionary new hair loss equipment, the laser cap devices for treating hair loss are providing 5 times the output of any hair loss clinic laser machine whilst providing better coverage at a fraction of the cost... with no weekly visits! The clinically proven results are outstanding, and this is why medical doctors worldwide are recommending the Capillus 272 laser cap.

Hair Regrowth Australia

At Hair Regrowth Australia, we don't wear lab coats pretending to be doctors. We don't scare people into expensive one-size fits all hair loss solutions. We don't use misleading or deceptive advertising. We do however provide affordable, tailored, customer centric hair loss treatments to anybody and everybody, with no exceptions and no excuses.

With a fresh approach, we are turning the hair loss industry on its head. We are busting myths whilst providing market leading hair growth technology at the lowest prices. Our hair loss treatment options combine the worlds best hair growth products with clinically proven results. Hair Regrowth Australia takes pride in providing the very best for its clients, with honesty and integrity, it's no wonder we are Australia's fastest growing hair loss company.