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Hair Growth Products - Trichovedic

Trichovedic is an Australian owned company founded by John Cook, certified Trichologist. Trichovedic market a comprehensive range of high end, trichologist formulated hair care products. The range includes a full line of prescriptive care products and the FSP (Follicle Stimulation Programme) range for senescent alopecia - hair loss.

The Trichovedic family of products is comprised of the FSP shampoo, conditioner and intensive scalp serum along with an excellent variety of trichologist formulated styling products. These sulphate free and sodium chloride free products work in combination with one another, to deliver a safe, gentle, and effective hair loss solution for both men and women. Each formula is made with several beneficial ingredients to help inhibit the production of DHT, cleanse the scalp of buildup, and infuse the hair with moisture and shine. All of the ingredients create a broad umbrella covering hair loss from multiple angles. From blocking DHT, to increasing blood circulation, every ingredient in the Trichovedic line of products has been thoroughly researched and meticulously chosen, ensuring every solution is gentle yet effective.

Trichovedic - Follicle Stimulating Shampoo & Scalp Treatments

Trichovedic is a trichologist formulated, herb and plant based Australian hair care range developed by IAT - Certified Trichologist John Cook. After a lifetime of involvement in the hair industry, John has combined his experience, knowledge and passion for herbal and plant derived extracts to bring us Trichovedic.

Trichovedic (tri'ko'vei'dik) is composed of two elements which are designed to protect the fundamental values of the line bearing it's name. Tricho, from the Greek trichos, meaning hair and vedic, derived from veda, referring to the ancient hindu sacred texts denoting wisdom. Trichovedic... hair wisdom!

Why Choose Trichovedic

Senescent Alopecia (Hair Loss), sometimes referred to as Involutional Alopecia, is the general thinning of both hair diameter and density as we grow older. This natural thinning is a phenomenon that occurs in varying degrees in both men and women as they age. Using the knowledge and experience as a Trichologist, the FSP product range combines two key active ingredients; Kopexil to soften the collagen structure of the hair follicle which hardens as we age and GP4G to increase the rate at which it is formed in the follicle. A broad based herbal extract complex comprised of 12 herb and plant extracts with a track record for stimulating hair growth and blood circulation. This powerful and unique new approach has enabled the FSP Program to be granted an Australian Innovation Patent.

Clinical Trial

The trial was conducted under the supervision of noted Australian hair transplantation surgeon Dr. Russell Knudsen at the Knudsen Hair Transplantation Clinic in Sydney’s Double Bay. 30 subjects identified as experiencing alopecia / hair loss used the Trichovedic FSP Follicle Stimulation Program everyday over a period of 6 months. Hair volume, density and diameter was measured at the commencement of the trial, at the mid way point and then at the end.

The key findings were:

  • 67% of participants demonstrated a reduction or cessation of thinning

  • 42% demonstrated an increase in hair volume

  • Increases in hair volume ranged between 5.5% and 11%

Trichovedic FSP - Intensive Scalp Serum Trichovedic FSP - Hair Loss Shampoo Trichovedic FSP - Hair Growth Conditioner Trichovedic FSP - Shampoo / Conditioner
Trichovedic - Mudd Styling Paste Trichovedic - Paste Styling Product Trichovedic - Waxxed Styling Product Trichovedic - Fixx Styling Gel
Trichovedic - Styling Spray

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