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82 Laser Cap -- Hair2gain

Hair2gain | 82 Laser Cap

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Hair2gain - 82 Laser Cap

The Hair2gain 82 laser cap utilises the latest technology in hair science in an at home device for people experiencing thinning hair and hair loss. This laser cap pulses low level laser light energy at 650nm from 82 laser diodes that fits comfortably inside a cap. This laser cap provides complete coverage to the temple region and entire scalp. The Hair2gain laser cap is conveniently worn anywhere at anytime for 20 minutes every second day. This product comes complete with a travel case, rechargeable battery pack and a 2 year Australian warranty.

Hair2gain is changing the whole hair loss industry as people can now receive affordable at home treatments that was previously only available at expensive hair loss clinics. Although there are a few different options to administer low-level laser therapy, such as laser combs or in clinic laser machines, the laser cap is considered to be the more efficient and effective system due to ease of use and compliance.

NOTE : The leather battery case is not included.

Hair2gain 272 Laser Cap

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