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Hair Loss Education

Hair Loss Education

The hair loss industry has always been filled with a lot of hype and empty promises. Many hair loss products arrive with great fanfare only to fade into obscurity when consumers don’t see the results. In the end, it becomes a lost opportunity in regrowing your hair and a huge waste of money for the consumer. If you are giving a worthless product time to work, then you are probably not using another product that could have potentially prevented further hair loss or even regrown your hair. In these days when there are multiple products that actually do work in regrowing hair, it is even more critical to make a wise decision about what hair loss product to use.

Many consumers who first start learning about hair loss and seeking a hair loss treatment, whether it be online or from a hair loss clinic sales representative, do so when they have reached a point of desperation and feel they are losing their hair rapidly. People frequently accept the first hair loss treatment or product with spectacular claims without taking the time to properly evaluate whether it is the correct treatment for them. It is critical to realise that even though you might be frightened about losing your hair, do realise that you are not going to go bald overnight nor next week. So take a few days, or a week to choose the correct hair loss treatment and product. Be careful not to waste time nor money on products that either don’t work or don’t work for your lifestyle.

Get The Facts About Hair Loss

  • The first thing you need to do is get educated! You can’t make a good decision until you have the facts. Take some time to research the articles on our website about what causes hair loss and the different treatments available. Seek the knowledge and don’t be afraid to ask questions, you can even give us a call at Hair Regrowth Australia if you’re not sure about something... we are here to help.

  • Determine which hair loss treatment will actually fit in with your lifestyle. Ask yourself honestly as to how committed you will be at maintaining a hair loss treatment because nearly all hair growth results will be lost the moment you stop using them.

  • Determine your budget. Some hair loss products are expensive and some are not. Most treatments are at least a moderate monthly expense for most people.

  • Always choose a product with proven results. There are several scientifically and clinically proven hair loss products that can regrow hair and prevent further hair loss. Our advice is to only use proven treatments and products and forget about the latest hype if you want to get real results. Remember, once a hair follicle is dead, it's dead and nothing can bring it back.

  • Evaluate the risks. Some hair loss products can have negative side effects, such as sexual dysfunction with the use of Propecia, or headaches and scalp irritations with the use of Minoxidil. At what cost (and we are not talking about money) do you put on regrowing your hair?

  • Nothing works for everyone. There is NO hair loss treatment or product that will work for everyone. In other words, there is currently no cure for hair loss. There may have been a clinical test where 80% of the people achieved results, that would leave 20% (1 in 5) who did not see any results. So even if a product has been clinically proven to stop hair loss and to regrow hair, don't expect that you are guaranteed results.

A Final Word About Hair Loss Treatments

We wish this didn’t have to be said, but it does… never believe 100% of something you have heard or read. Be willing to change your opinion when you find out things may not be what they seem. Even things we believe as scientific fact sometimes change over time with the developments in new research. Seek knowledge and factual information before making a decision on a hair loss treatment so to avoid the pitfalls. Be flexible. Be smart. Be educated.