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Hair Replacement

Treatment - Hair Replacement

Also known as "hair systems" the hair replacement procedure is a non surgical means to restore the look of the hair and scalp, as if there had been no significant hair loss at all. But interestingly, the best and highest quality hair replacement systems account for age and other inherent characteristics of the client, enabling the hair system to take on a much more natural and convincing look as a result.

With a high quality hair replacement procedure, each individual client's hair system is developed with artistry and skill, specifically for the head shape, hair colour and age of the client. A durable mesh base, also coloured to match his or her skin tone, is woven with hair that is selected to best match the client's remaining hair. The replacement hair is expertly knotted to the mesh to convincingly create the illusion of natural hair growth.

In addition to shaping the mesh base from a mold of the wearer's head, the hairline is set according to where it typically would fall for a person of that age. Cowlicks and the natural part are important elements. Hair loss studios that specialise in non surgical hair replacement also have specially trained hairdressers who utilise liquid or tape adhesives (in some cases, clips) for adherence to the scalp. This final phase is crucial and not to be undertaken by individuals without some form of training.

A growing number of celebrities and other public figures have undergone non surgical hair replacement procedures to counter their own hair loss. Without the illusion of their natural growing hair, their careers might face limitations. For millions of non-celebrities, the benefits can include career and relationship success, as well as a general sense of increased vigor and vitality.

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