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Hair Loss Scams

Hair Loss Scams

Has your hair stylist ever offered you a miracle potion, lotion or shampoo for hair loss? Have you seen pills or products for sale on the internet promising to stop hair loss, grow hair or reverse baldness? Of course you have. We all have.

You have to wonder where all these hair loss products come from. It seems like just about anyone can claim to have a miracle cure for hair loss. What's to stop them? Only you, as it turns out.

We want to believe that there is a secret cure for our hair loss out there. Somehow the media just missed it. But you'll find it. And when you buy into one of theses wonder-potions for hair loss, wishful thinking will overpower reality as you stare believingly at your hair in the mirror. The market is always ripe for hair loss scams. We're all part of the problem.

Scams - Buyer Beware

There are many research and development teams eagerly searching for a hair loss cure. When it's found, you will know about it. A real hair growth product or hair loss treatment is worth billions. The media will be all over it. In the meantime, please get educated about hair loss. It's not that hard. Let's start right here with the simple facts of hair loss.

Hair follicles can die. Sadly, some hair follicles slowly shrink and die in the presence of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which causes 95% of all hair loss. DHT is created naturally inside your body when the enzyme 5 alpha reductase combines with the hormone testosterone. In both men and women, it's called Androgenetic Alopecia or hair loss if you prefer.

Your hair follicles aren't blocked, malnourished or suffering from poor circulation. They're dying from DHT. This is what causes hair loss. Anything that will stop hair loss must block DHT or overpower its effects. This can only occur at the molecular level inside your body.

Some of the hair loss products out now are really effective in stimulating new hair growth and that help to reduce the amount of DHT attacking the hair follicles. These products have been clinically tested and proven through Government regulative bodies to grow hair and help prevent hair loss. There are, unfortunately, many hair loss scams as well. So buyer beware, and try not to ever fall for a hair loss scam.

Top 5 Hair Loss Scams

1. Blocked Hair Follicles - Our special, magical, combination of exotic herbs and spices will unblock them and presto your hair will pop back out. No it won’t!

2. Poor Scalp Circulation - Hmmm… have you ever noticed that even a bald scalp bleeds when cut. This is an insult to one's intelligence!

3. Malnourished Follicles - There are a lot of fit and healthy athletes out there with bald heads, and forget about all the bald guys in the organic food section!

4. It's Imported From a Far - As long as its made in the depths of some eastern rainforest and not in the western world then it must be good, that darn government is holding back the cure… no, there are bald people everywhere!

5. It's An Ancient Secret Formula - Those cavemen had it right, all that hair from head to toe keeping them warm... they couldn’t have been bald. Ludicrous, if there was some ancient secret formula then every hair loss doctor and pharmaceutical company would be trying to market it!

30 Day Free Trial / Money Back Guarantee... you've been warned!

30 Day Free Trial - You cannot possibly get any visible results within 30 days... it's unheard of. These companies are banking on the fact that the consumer couldn't be bothered returning the product or that it is late in return. You need to question as to how much the product actually costs to make!

Money Back Guarantee - Read the fine print, the onus is on the consumer to prove they used the product or device as per the manufacturers' instructions and to have taken before and after photos throughout the process. Always read the Terms & Conditions in regards to their money back guarantee.