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Hair Growth Conditioner

Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner

Everyone washes their hair regularly. The use of a preventative hair loss shampoo and a conditioner with hair growth stimulating properties is therefore an easy way to help reduce falling hair and stimulate hair growth. It takes no extra effort, since you can simply replace your current shampoo and/or conditioner with a specifically designed shampoo and conditioner for treating hair loss and promoting hair growth.

A shampoo can be used as a standalone treatment, however generally these shampoos are only designed to help prevent and stop hair loss. A conditioner with hair stimulating ingredients on the other hand is designed specifically to put essential nutrients back into the hair. These types of conditioners work in conjunction with a hair loss shampoo and when used together, creates an optimal environment for both the hair and scalp to stay healthy.

Do Conditioners Really Help with Hair Growth?

Conditioners with hair growth properties have been scientifically tested and shown to work over recent years. With powerful compounds like Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Niacin and Caffeine, these conditioners have become highly rated. Also, brand new research shows that organic conditioner ingredients like Emu Oil, Rosemary Oil, Nettle Extract and even Caffeine also help stop thinning hair and hair loss.

Many men and women turn to conditioners to assist stubborn locks that are seemingly determined to remain short and shoulder-length, or to fall out altogether. There are a number of issues causing hair loss and growth retardation, including poor diet, genetic coding, poor circulation and clogged follicles. Hair growth conditioners seek to reverse many of these, leading to longer, thicker and fuller hair.

Essential Ingredients for a Conditioner

It is also important to know the ingredients that are included in the conditioner you decide to use. If the 'active ingredient' (the chemical that is added to help hair growth) is not fully revealed and explained, then it is best to steer clear of that product.

Knowing what is in the bottle, combined with authentic reviews and experiences will help you make an educated decision on which conditioning product to buy.

  • Caffeine - This is quite a common addition to a conditioner that is designed to promote hair growth. The caffeine is supposed to stimulate your hair follicles, causing them to start to grow new hairs more rapidly.

  • Biotin - This is just as popular an ingredient as caffeine as it is one of the primary building blocks of healthy hair. Sometimes called Vitamin H, this ingredient has been shown to reduce hair loss in both men and women.

  • Saw Palmetto - This extract is taken from the dwarf palm plant and mainly used as a treatment for problems with the prostate. However, it is also very effective at treating male and female pattern hair loss.

  • Tripeptide - This peptide contains Biotin as well as 3 amino acid residues. It has all the added benefits of using Biotin, plus the additional amino acids that all aid hair health and growth.

  • Niacin - Also known as Vitamin B3 or as Nicotinic Acid, Niacin is usually found in foods such as eggs, vegetables and grains. Niacin helps promote good cell health, which will help your hair stay healthy.

  • Vitamin B6 - This helps in the regulation of hormones in your body, keeping everything in balance. If you have too many of certain hormones your hair follicles can become damaged and you will begin to lose hair.

  • Vitamin B12 - If your body is lacking B12, there are many symptoms such as fatigue, weakness or jaundice. It is used in conditioners for hair growth due to it's ability to keep the body working properly.

  • Tea Tree Oil - This oil is used in conditioners to help keep your scalp clean and free from any infection.

  • Nettle Extract - Is a great ingredient that will help your hair and scalp stay clean and healthy, unblocking pores and treating problems like Eczema.

  • Lactic Acid - This is produced in your sweat and usually strips away natural protection from your hair. It is used in some conditioners to help stimulate a natural response against hair damage and loss.

  • Vitamin E - Is great at keeping the PH level of your hair and scalp in balance and will help retain moisture too. So it's great for people who have scalp infections or problems.

  • Zinc - If your body is deficient in Zinc, you may experience hair loss or a slow growth of new hairs on your head.

  • Pumpkin Seed - This unusual ingredient is designed to help block DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which, if left unchecked can cause hair loss.

  • Magnesium - This is a very important mineral for the proper operation of your body. Therefore, it will keep you healthy, helping your hair grow properly.