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DS Laboratories

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DS Laboratories is an industry leader in both research and design of the most cutting edge hair loss products available to literally change the way your hair grows. Whether you are looking to bring back body, shine, health, regrow or simply make your hair grow faster, DS Laboratories has a solution for you. A solution that no matter what state your hair is in, no matter how weak or strong it may be, their products can make it better.

DS Laboratories products are for those who truly want to experience immediate and profound results for specific hair loss conditions. This product line offers the most technologically advanced and scientifically proven methods to promote healthy hair growth, whilst helping to stop and aid in the prevention of hair loss.

DS Laboratories - Latest Technology for Hair Growth

Starting in 1996 with the goal of developing state-of-the-art solutions for the hair loss industry. DS Laboratories is backed by serious research and development, with new product introductions driven only by genuine advances in technology and performance.

DS Laboratories is a technology company focused on innovations in hair care. They are constantly creating solutions that combine the latest clinical research with cosmeceuticals for maximum effectiveness, safety, and customer satisfaction. Concentrating on innovation, they live by five principles that include delivering certain features and benefits that are not available from any competitor, testing and verifying all claims through clinical studies, making sure innovation comes before economics, researching exotic materials and scaling them up from a research phase to commercialisation, and to always create technologies and solutions that make a meaningful difference in the lives of their customers. DS Laboratories products are meant for those who want to experience amazing and immediate results for specific conditions.

Why Choose DS Laboratories

Completely ignoring market trends, the company only pursues breakthrough technologies in hair growth and hair loss treatments whilst creating solutions that combine the very latest clinical research. Therefore using a DS Laboratories product is to experience a complete rethinking of product function, unparalleled standards of quality, and a completely performance driven philosophy... it is really unlike anything else.