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The Capillus is the most cutting edge low level laser therapy hair loss treatment for thinning hair. The Capillus is an easy-to-use laser cap that can be conveniently used for treating hair loss in the comfort of your home. Capillus is the only laser cap that has been featured by The View, Dateline, Today, and other media outlets. The breakthrough in technology that the Capillus laser cap delivers is the mobility it offers with the use of the rechargeable battery pack, the fact that it is the most powerful laser device for the treatment of hair loss, boasts an industry leading 312 true laser diodes, and can be easily concealed inside of any cap, hat, scarf or other form of head covering - giving people experiencing hair loss the freedom to choose.

Because the Capillus laser cap comes down further on the head than any other laser therapy device, it has been found to be ideal for female patients concerned with temporal recession of the hairline. Any patient, male or female, who has thinning hair they want to keep, can use it. Low level laser therapy has been shown to boost cell metabolism for thicker, healthier hair. The Capillus laser cap stimulates the patient’s scalp and encourages hair growth of the follicles.

Capillus - Laser Cap Hair Growth Technology

Capillus is a resource for those people around the world battling hair loss, connecting patients to hair loss treatment specialists, including hair transplant surgeons and dermatologists for both surgical and non-invasive treatment options. Capillus caters to both women and men with thinning hair or at risk for thinning hair, a condition that affects up to 50% of adult women and 80% of adult men.

Capillus, LLC serves to provide useful insight and helpful information to the millions of men and women losing hair, and those who care about them. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of world renowned doctors, physicians and scholars, their goal is to bring those people experiencing hair loss and thinning hair the latest in treatments for hair loss. Capillus connects people to specialists in the hair loss industry for a variety of treatments including new hair growth and hair loss products and services, psychological and physiological resources for hair loss, as well as to provide information to all those in need of factual hair loss information.

The future in hair growth and hair loss treatments is here. The team at Capillus has been able to achieve the most powerful, revolutionary product for the treatment of hair loss.

Why Choose Capillus

The Capillus is a clinically proven laser cap that is the best and most powerful laser device on the market for hair loss. With the power of 312 laser diodes, it is the most preferred option for people who are serious about effectively treating thinning hair. Extending lower to cover the temporal region and hairline than any other laser device on the market.