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Derma Roller

derma roller / micro needle

The Derma Roller has gained popularity amongst doctors and hair loss professionals worldwide for fighting back against hair loss and helping stimulate new hair growth on the scalp. This hair loss treatment product works by stimulating the dermal layer of the skin to improve blood flow to the scalp and hair follicle whilst increasing collagen production. In clinical studies, when a micro needle derma roller was paired with topical hair loss treatment products on the scalp, the results were excellent.

Essentially, the derma roller with its micro needles gently pricks the layers of the outer skin to open up the pores for maximum absorption of topical hair loss products which has been shown to increase absorption by up to 5 times more. You can also use this on the scalp before using a hair loss shampoo / hair growth conditioner and any other hair loss treatments in your grooming regime. After extensive use, users have shown dramatic results in scalp health and experienced new hair growth due to stimulating the scalp's healing response.

Hair Regrowth Australia offers a range of professional Derma Rollers with 540 specially treated high strength steel micro needles to cater for all skin types - 0.25mm for sensitive skin, 0.5mm for normal skin and 1.0mm for thicker skin types.