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Facial Light Masque

facial light therapy

We all reach an age where we look in the mirror and no longer recognise the person staring back at us! A fine line here, a wrinkle there and the odd sun spot. Unfortunately, we are all victims to the ageing process.

It's true: low level light therapy has been widely available for years in doctor's offices, anti ageing clinics and day spas to help men and women fight the visible signs of ageing and look more refreshed and youthful. Like most skin treatments, light therapy relies heavily on compliance for success and, unfortunately, weeks of office visits can be costly and inconvenient.

People have been looking for a safe, effective and affordable alternative for some time now, but home light therapy products are either expensive, under-powered, cumbersome or only treat a small area at a time. iDerma's patented Derma-Pulse Technology™ combines over 100 red and infra-red LEDs to treat the entire face at the same time: hands-free at home. Ergonomically designed, with a patented full-face visor, it covers the entire surface of the face to deliver targeted treatment of the entire area. Additionally, it features a fully adjustable cushioned headband to ensure the perfect fit and optimum comfort during the UV light treatment.

So, simply sit back and relax as this facial beauty anti ageing cosmetic device from Hair Regrowth Australia helps restore your youthful good looks and confidence!