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Laser Device Product Comparison

If a laser cap contains 272 laser diodes and a laser comb contains 12 laser diodes, then how many hand-held laser combs does it take to equal one laser cap? The answer is 22.6! The laser caps with 272 laser diodes are the most powerful hands-free hair growth laser devices that are portable, discreet, cordless and rechargeable. You can sit, work, walk, run or even drive while getting a drug-free and side-effect free laser hair growth treatment.

What's The Best Laser Treatment Product

There is quite a few different laser light therapy devices for hair loss available on the market today. The original HairMax laser comb was the first commercially available home use device. While claims of efficacy were great, the reality is that most patients have reported little hair growth results from the use of laser combs. The reason is compliance and overlapping of the affected area... over stimulation of the hair follicles can lead to hair loss. So the major question you should be asking yourself here is which laser devices for the treatment of hair loss work effectively and which ones do not? Hair Regrowth Australia only offers hair growth laser treatment devices that have been clinically tested and proven to effectively slow down hair loss and promote new hair growth. Our range of laser devices are industry leaders in the marketplace, including:

What To Choose - Laser Cap, Laser Comb, Laser Band or Helmet

When the HairMax laser combs were first released to the public in 2007, they were the best way to do laser light therapy at home. However, as with all first generation products technology will always improve. Now, however, a laser comb to treat hair loss has become more and more outdated with the entrance of total scalp coverage, hands-free units like the iRestore, iGrow and Theradome laser devices, and now even completely mobile as with the Hair2gain, HairMax and Capillus laser caps. At Hair Regrowth Australia, we have many clients who actually wear their laser cap on their drive to or from work, since you can’t really get anywhere in under 20 minutes these days.

In regards to efficacy, you really have to look at the amount of lasers in each unit. The average laser comb typically contains between 7 to 12 laser diodes, the right idea but not ideal for an ongoing hair growth treatment.

Not so with the laser helmets that we offer. The Theradome laser helmet has 80 lasers whilst both the iRestore and iGrow have a combination of 21 lasers and 30 LED’s that both operate within the ideal wavelength of 650 - 670 nanometers. They are both hands-free and cover the entire scalp. Although both units are a little more expensive than a hand-held laser comb, it’s well worth the money.

The Hair2gain, HairMax and Capillus laser caps are in a league of their own. These clinically proven laser caps are widely regarded by medical professionals as the best laser therapy device on the market for treating hair loss and promoting hair growth. They have 312, 272, 144 and 80 true laser diodes and are completely mobile thanks to the rechargeable battery pack. The best part is not only do they come with an Australian warranty covering any manufacturer’s defects or craftsmanship, but they will also give you the best chance of the optimum results with essentially zero risks. The laser caps themselves are the future of all hair growth treatments and are putting an end to the hair loss clinic as we know it today.