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Topical Hair Products

Topical Hair Products

A hair stimulating product is a targeted treatment against hair loss, applied directly to the scalp - topically. After applying, allow for the product to soak into the scalp which in turn enables the active ingredients to work. This makes a topical hair product a very targeted and effective treatment.

There are various products available on the market, all with their own effects and characteristics. For example, there are products that target hereditary hair loss. There are also products that were formulated specifically for female hair loss and ones for hair loss due to stress. The combination of the type of hair loss along with your lifestyle ultimately determines the choice of which treatment product will suit you best.

How Do Topical Hair Loss Products Work

A topical lotion assists with allowing the hair follicle to remain longer in the growth phase. This means that the hairs can grow for a longer period of time and are less quickly to fall out.

In addition, a lotion can help protect the hair follicles against the harmful influence of the hormone DHT which is associated with hair loss. Hereditary hair loss is caused by testosterone being converted to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It could be said that DHT is the biggest enemy of the hair... it shrivels up the hair follicles. By trying to inhibit DHT, the result could be a reduction in hair loss whilst promoting a healthier scalp... which allows for a better environment for hair to grow.