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FAQ's - Laser Hair Growth

FAQs Laser Hair Growth

Laser therapy has become the hair loss professionals choice for hair growth, especially since it has been a registered product for hair loss. However, before you make that laser product purchase, learn all you can about laser product devices to see if it is the right hair loss solution for you.

When to use a laser device

A laser hair treatment product is best used during the early stages of hair loss because it has been shown to halt and help prevent further loss of hair and can even 'wake up' sleeping hair follicles that have become dormant. Once hair has been lost for several years, the hair follicles are dead, and nothing can bring them back. Experts advise starting a laser hair growth treatment as soon as you first notice thinning hair and hair loss.

The science of laser hair growth

Because hair is meant to fall out and regrow from the roots, when hair follicles begin to shrink and degenerate, the hair does not grow back as it should and consequently hair loss occurs. Based on the scientific principle of photobiostimulation, laser hair growth treatment studies have shown that increased blood flow to the scalp can jump start hair follicles when used on a regular basis, slowing down and even reversing the degenerative hair loss cycle, stimulating live hair follicles to produce thicker, stronger and healthier hair.

Are laser treatments for men and women

Laser therapy can stimulate resting hair follicles to grow and improve the overall scalp and hair health of both men and women. Although there are some hair loss products such as medications, vitamins or topical lotions that are specifically designed for individual sexes, both men and women can use laser to stimulate hair growth. Both men and women who have undergone hair transplant surgery are encouraged by their doctors to use a laser treatment to stimulate hair growth of their newly transplanted hair follicles as well as preserve their existing hair.

Is the laser light hot or dangerous

Laser therapy is performed with a low level laser light, which is a 'cool' laser, as opposed to a 'hot' one, so it does not burn and has been proven safe and effective in studies.

Do I have to go to a hair loss clinic for laser treatments

Currently there are two ways to undergo a hair laser treatment. It can either be done at a hair loss clinic where by your progress can be monitored by a hair loss consultant, or you can manage your hair loss treatment in the comfort and convenience of your own home. If you choose to manage your treatment at home, it is strongly recommended that you purchase your laser device from a professional company within Australia who you can either visit from time to time or be in contact with via phone and internet services who can assist in monitoring your progress and results.

Do I have to adhere to a schedule

Yes. Any hair growth laser treatment device has manufacturer specific treatment times that need to be adhered to. Ongoing laser treatment schedules can vary. Typically a laser treatment will be 2-3 times per week in the first 12 months and then once per week after that.

How long before I see results

Laser hair growth does not work instantaneously. A follicle needs time to produce a new hair that will then exit the scalp and grow to a measurable length before you will notice results. Usually results can be seen in about three months, with more significant results in approximately six to 12 months.

Do laser treatments work with other hair loss products

Yes! Laser hair growth treatments can give lagging hair follicles a boost and can work in conjunction with other hair loss products such as shampoos, conditioners and topical lotions.

If I was to purchase an at home laser device... which product should I choose

When considering that laser therapy is an ongoing treatment, the at-home laser devices are easier to use, more convenient and thus allowing for better consistency which ends up with better results. We recommend a hands free laser device over a laser comb as there is no chance of over lapping and over stimulating the hair follicles, and therefore much more convenient to use. The laser comb will still give you results, however as laser therapy is an ongoing treatment, over time people will rush through the treatment not giving complete time nor coverage and the desired results are generally not as successful.