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Overcome balding and thinning hair using iRestore hair loss products... you can look your best and feel more confident with a fuller head of hair.

With several powerful products designed to combat thinning hair and promote healthier hair growth. The shampoo is engineered with essential nutrients that help nourish and strengthen the hair. The serum is a breakthrough in biotechnology that is formulated with patented molecules (Redensyl), which aids in thicker, more fuller looking hair. All of the products are made in the USA in GMP-certified facilities with high quality ingredients. This range of hair restoration products provide a drug-free and effective method for those seeking to end the search for a hair loss solution that delivers.

iRestore - Hair Growth System

Freedom Laser Therapy (the makers of iRestore), was founded in 2003 with a clear mission in mind: To provide safe and effective solutions for improving health and beauty.

With the launch of the iRestore hair growth system, the companies approach was to help people overcome hair loss in a drug-free and non-invasive way. The company understands how discouraging and frustrating it may feel to lose your hair. It just doesn’t make sense to compound this frustration with hair loss products that exacerbate the problem with long-term side effects and health complications. Freedom Laser Therapy hopes to inspire people to care for their appearance and well-being in a reliable, health conscious way. Everyone deserves to look their best, feel confident and achieve optimal health.

Why Choose iRestore

iRestore products are made with high quality ingredients that are non-invasive and 100% safe. The goal is to provide customers a hair restoration experience without the negative side effects or increase in health risks in the long term. iRestore products are about improving your appearance through the right methods, so you can look good and still maintain great health.