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Trusted by people around the world for its incomparable effectiveness, Lipogaine products remain a market leader in providing people with hair loss and thinning hair the best solutions. The Lipogaine line of products have been scientifically formulated with Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Niacin, Emu Oil and other vitamins and minerals to cleanse and treat the hair and scalp.

All of the ingredients Lipogaine products create a broad umbrella covering hair loss from multiple angles. From blocking DHT, to increasing blood circulation, every ingredient in the Lipogaine line of products has been thoroughly researched and meticulously chosen, ensuring every solution is gentle yet effective. So if you are looking for an effective, yet safe solution to combat your hair loss and thinning hair, then experience the range of Lipogaine branded products today!

Lipogaine - Cutting Edge Hair Growth Formulas

Lipogaine is a USA based company that specialises in creating breakthrough hair loss solutions with the highest quality ingredients. Their physicians, formulators and hair loss experts work diligently with each other to give you the results you have been looking for. They have combined years of knowledge and expertise whilst listening closely to the concerns of customers to create innovative hair loss / hair growth products that bring excellent results.

Lipogaine partners with world-class scientists and invests a significant portion of revenue into research and development. They always stay at the forefront in the hair loss field to provide their customers with cutting edge solutions. Lipogaine offers products made of the highest quality materials. They follow the most stringent manufacturer guidelines. They create excellent products that are safe for the public and which deliver excellence and reliability to their valued customers. They accept nothing less.

Why Choose Lipogaine

It’s hard to argue with the science behind their products. Lipogaine has chosen the three main tried-and-true ingredients when they created the Big 3 shampoo and Hair Covet vitamins, so it’s no surprise that so many people see results.

There’s nothing particularly innovative or special about their products. They don’t contain any special Chinese herbs or exotic plant oils. However, if you are looking for a way to treat scalp inflammation, biotin deficiency or kill scalp fungus, then their shampoo and vitamins will help in getting the job done.