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Hair Retention

Treatment - Hair Retain

Thinning hair and hair loss affects men and women of all ages. The cause of hair loss is often genetic, however other causes such as diet, mineral deficiencies, medications and stress can also contribute to hair loss. Up to one third of the worlds population suffers from hair loss and of that third, many are women too. Whatever the cause of hair loss that might be concerning you, it’s important to understand what hair loss is, how hair grows and what you could be doing to help prevent hair loss before it becomes an issue for you.

Only Use Proven Products That Work

The problem with hair loss is that there is still no cure. There are however, a lot of hair loss treatment companies out there selling hair loss products that simply do not work or that give very average results. Some of these products can even have devastating effects such as erectile dysfunction in men or facial hair growth in women.

Hair Regrowth Australia offers exclusive clinically proven products intended to provide a long-term solution to prevent hair loss by a) slowing the process of hair loss and b) promoting new hair growth. Our range of products are designed to improve and repair the condition of your hair. Our shampoos, conditioners, and scalp therapies work to restore your hair by adding body, fullness and elasticity whilst protecting it against hair loss and unwanted hair breakage.

Take Care of Your Hair

There are no guarantees that you can prevent hair loss that is genetically programmed, or hair loss caused by factors not within your control. However, you can do the best by your hair at all stages to give it the greatest chance of staying in top condition and not leaving your head sooner than it needs to.

We recommend using hair vitamins to help protect your hair from within, as well as using a quality hair growth shampoo and conditioner that will aid in the prevention of hair loss. There are also a great range of topical scalp treatments as well as hair growth styling products that we believe are highly beneficial.

Reduce Stress & Manage Your Diet

Stress can produce increased levels of testosterone, which converts to DHT and interrupts the hair’s growth cycle. Stress also constricts blood supply through the capillaries, restricting oxygen and nutrient uptake and vitamins to the hair follicle. Stress damages all of your body, and your hair is no exception. Loss of hair can be one of your body’s primary signals that you’re overdoing things and that it’s time to pull back. Be sure to get adequate sleep which is the restorer of good health and exercise regularly.

What you eat can play a significant role in hair thinning. A high consumption of animal fats, rapid weight loss and liquid protein diets can result in a lack of amino acids, biotin, iron, protein and zinc - all of which are essential for healthy-looking hair. A nutritional response to preventing hair loss is a simple common sense approach to keeping you, your hair and your scalp healthy... a healthy body is more likely to have healthy hair than an unhealthy one. It is possible that hair loss can be slowed by a healthy diet.

Start a Preventative Hair Loss Treatment Plan

Hair Regrowth Australia has chosen an extensive range of the world's best preventative hair loss products that are suitable for both men and women experiencing the early stages of thinning hair. This hair loss treatment range has been proven to help stop hair loss, regrow new hair, and thicken existing hair whilst providing overall scalp and hair health.

Formulated with the most powerful natural ingredients available and drawing on international advancements in hair loss research, our hair loss treatment products contribute to the normalisation of the hair growth cycle and contribute to the reversal and halt of the hair loss process. We only choose the most technologically advanced hair growth products with clinically proven results because face paint no longer satisfies and drugs and surgery still frighten.