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Revolutionising the scalp health category as the makers of the clinically proven NutraStim Professional 12 Laser Hair Comb, the company has pioneered the approach to scalp health by developing luxurious products and formulas designed to create fuller, denser and more beautiful hair.

We are excited to introduce a cost-effective product for both men and women looking for a proven, yet affordable solution to hair loss. Available at half the cost of its leading competitors, the NutraStim product range was designed for both people facing a variety of hair loss conditions, including androgenetic alopecia.

NutraStim - Laser Hair Growth Technology

Clinical studies have shown that hair follicles don’t just stop growing - they only weaken over time. Using advanced laser light technology, the NutraStim laser hair comb stimulates the hair follicle and aids in the regrowth of hair from the roots out. The product utilises 12 innovative low-level lasers to stimulate hair follicles in the user’s scalp, energising the weaker follicles from the skin's surface that results in stronger, thicker and more healthier hair.

An additional differentiating feature of NutraStim is that it is a comb without teeth. NutraStim's design was based on the concept of a large open treatment chamber that directs three rows of laser light to the scalp without the interference of plastic teeth.

Developed by medical professionals for hair loss patients, this non-surgical laser therapy product is clinically proven and safe to use. So why not restore your hair to its former glory with the NutraStim laser hair comb.

Why Choose NutraStim

NutraStim was established with an ambition to let you live life to your fullest... full of confidence, full of health and a full head of glorious hair!

NutraStim is a USA company based in Florida who is devoted to producing a range of hair growth products that revitalise the scalps natural composition for enhanced follicle health, resilience and a fuller head of hair.