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The iGrow laser is the hair loss solution we had all been waiting for. It is clinically proven to treat hair loss in men, and in March 2014 completed clinical trials proving that the iGrow works for hair loss, thinning hair, and receding hair lines. The unique design of the iGrow laser stimulates the existing hair follicles to promote hair grow stronger, thicker and fuller.

The iGrow is a not only a hair loss treatment device that can help you have your thick hair back but also is very convenient and affordable. Convenient because it is a home-use hair loss treatment device, which means, because desired hair growth results are accomplished there is no longer a need to visit a hair loss treatment facility or ingest Propecia, a medical drug which is designed to treat an enlarged prostate.

iGrow - Laser Hair Growth System

Apira Science (the makers of iGrow) is a global leader in aesthetic low-level light-based laser therapy, so it’s no coincidence that science is a significant part of their name. Real science is what fuels their inventive minds, and drives the development of their proprietary, innovative hair loss products. The iGrow team at Apira Science has conducted decades of scientific research, and optimised the results to blend perfectly with cutting-edge hair growth technology.

Both iGrow and Apira Science are both recognised as an established leader and pioneer in low-level laser therapies (LLLT). Apira’s iGrow laser hair growth system is the result of its experience, scientific innovation and knowledge of the application of laser therapy. The iGrow is a patented home-use, hands-free hair growth device that is easy to use, and offers full scalp coverage.

Why Choose iGrow

The iGrow device is a great option for people that have a limited budget and are looking for a more affordable solution to treat hair loss but still want to get an effective hair growth treatment while doing so. The iGrow laser hair growth system has a combination of 21 lasers and 30 LED’s to provide you with enough power for treating hair loss in an affordable, safe, and effective manner.